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Now let's talk about Cavaillon!

For many, Cavaillon is known for the melon ... yes ... of course, but the city built at an important crossroads of the Via Domitia, has some seasonal treasures less:
Cavaillon is also the hermitage of Cesar de Bus (now a chapel) on the St Jacques hill, a former oppidum (view) inhabited since the fifth century BC. J-C. by Cavares, it is also a cloister of the twelfth adjoining the Cathedral of St. Veran:
Cavaillon was bishop of the fourth century until the revolution of 1789, it is also a synagogue of the XVIII with its ritual baths and the museum, one of the most beautiful in Europe, it is still a Roman arch of first century located at the origin of the Via Domitia, which today can easily find the Tourist Office!
Moreover, CAVAILLON occupies an excellent position for anyone wishing to discover or rediscover the region. You will find the main attractions less than an hour's drive, you are never far away from the plane trees, the pool or beach chairs Lou colou!

Telling you the PROVENCE in a few lines would be presumptuous and reductive, anyway, at first contact, the first discoveries, your stay will seem too short, you need to get back in the privacy of our region! You can just sense, but who cares since you will leave in love.

I will therefore suggest a few ideas as to discover a small slide show on this link (this list is neither exhaustive nor ranked, let alone a commercial nature).

However we are also here to advise you so STAY GOOD in the land of cicadas.

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